12 Minute Affilate Review

12 Minute Affilate is the simple system helps to earn your first online income. This sytem is develoed by Devon Brown, A successful Affilaite Marketer and Motivational speaker.

Let’s See What Are The Features Of This System:

This system has inbuild do it yourself campaign usually it consists of ready made affiliate funnels and ready made email template to send series of messages.

It supports three niches

Make Money Online

Diet And Weight Loss

Personal Development

If you enter into the system, you need to select your above niche, If you are basic member you should select only one niche that costs around $47 per month.

But If you want select more than one niche, you should buy Gold membership that costs around $97 per month.
In addition they are giving annual subsciption that costs more than $350 per annum.

To Try their platform they are giving 14 days trial to select one niche that costs around $9.95.

After selecting your niche, you need to select affilate offe

Inorder to select affiliate offer you need to be a affilates in the clickbank, jvzoo or warrior forum.

Just sign up as an affiliate in any one of the above platform and select your product.

Even they will give high converting niche related affilaite product in the clickbank.

You can even select those affiliate product to start promoting.

They will give premade affiliate funnel and ready made email template to start promoting the offer.

Then for email automation, you need to email auto responder. This platform has inbuild Aweber email autoresponder.

You can sign up $1 trial for first month and then $19 per month to manage 500 email address with unlimited emails.

Thus you selected the affiliate offer with funnel and setup autoresponder, the critical part comes here that is traffic.

Without traffic the website is useless and not worthy to have. For traffic solution the 12 minute affiliate provide inbuild traffic solution.

They gave targeted traffic from solo ads that costs around $99 for around 90 clcks.

This is too expensive for newbie and budget constrianed users.

For this type of users they are providing free courses to get free traffic from multiple sources.

You should send traffic to the landing pages, if the person likes the offer they will enter the email address and redirect to affiliate offer.

This way you can make online income with the help of 12 minute affilate system.

This system suitable for online marketers who are ready to spend and get immediate results.

This system not suitable newbie without basic knowledge of internet marketing.

They should search in the Google about free courses to learn complete affiliate marketing

.You should implement content marketing strategy to achieve long term success.

This type of system only works for short time but not give real result.

Best thing is to provide relevant and useful content to the readers and make them buy.

Search engine traffic is the best traffic sources and free traffic source you should concentrate to bring result without losing too much on paid traffic sources.

My 12 Minute Affiliate Review

12 Minute Affiliate System is the good system to start online career but you need traffic to get more sales.

But thay are charging $1 per Click In this inbuild traffic Solo ads.

This system suitable for people those who are ready to spend and see the result. Some of them earning more than investment.

But not all, some of them even left the system because of high cost traffic

If you can able to spend for traffic you can join this system and see the result.

Otherwise it is not suitable for newbie without basic knowledge of affilate marketing and budget constrained users.

They Should properly learn affilate marketing courses and start the successful online business career.