About Me

My name is Muthu Maraikayar K. Basically I am a nutritionist. I studied human physiology and human anatomy. Later I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. But my main interest is to help the person with health-related issues. If any one told that he was suffering from some kind of sickness.

I would recommend the natural healing product to cure the illness of that person. Usually, One of my college friends suffered from cold. He could not able to speak with a throat infection. By seeing his suffering I recommended him to had some honey.

After a few today’s, he could able to speak very well. And he told that he drank honey that was recommended by me. So he got relieved sufferings from my small recommendation. So I felt happy.

Another experience I would like to share was I usually spread the health benefits of sleeping in the afternoon between 2.40PM to 3.00Pm.  Sleeping in the afternoon between 2.40 to 3.00PM helps in improve blood circulation and prevent 37% from an occurring heart attack.

I told one of my friends, he was a hard worker. Because of my recommendation he followed and got good results. He told me the difference between sleep and not sleeping in the afternoon.

When he did not sleep in the afternoon, he felt very tired and not able to work hard. But after sleep in the afternoon he could able to work normally without any tiredness. I felt very happy.

I love to help others. So I would like to help more persons regarding the healthy life. Always good and a natural friend helps us to live a healthy life. So I started my blog called natural health products review.

So I started this review sites to help more people regarding the best natural health drinks. These health drinks help to increase the quality of health and live a better life

This is my small experience in my life share with you. Helping other’s always brings contentment and happiness in the life.

Thank you

Muthu Maraikayar K