Addiction Treatment Is A Choice

People become victims of substance abuse for different and often inscrutable reason. But whatever these reasons are, it is undeniable that this problem wrecks havoc in the lives of its victims and the society. It is proven that there is a connection between the increasing crime rate and substance use. Other than being perpetrators of … [Read more…]

Addiction And Personality Disorder

Substance abuse and dependence (alcoholism, drug addiction) is only one form of recurrent and self-defeating pattern of misconduct. People are addicted to all kinds of things: gambling, shopping, the Internet, reckless and life-endangering pursuits. Adrenaline junkies abound. The connection between chronic anxiety, pathological narcissism, depression, obsessive-compulsive traits and alcoholism and drug abuse is well established … [Read more…]

Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food Alkalizer And Detoxifier Juiced Green Superfood Reviews

Rank: 8/10 Description: Garden of Life Raw Organic Alkalizer and Detoxifier consists of raw organic grass juice, raw organic fruits, and vegetables, with high antioxidant properties and raw organic lemon and parsley with high alkalizing properties. Pros: Garden of Life Raw Organic Alkaizer And Detoxifier consists of coconut water for electrolyte regeneration and hydration of … [Read more…]