How To De addict From Alcohol

Alcohol is considered as a diasastrous thing in this world. It spoils all our mind by drinking this harmful intoxicants.

Alcohol is considred as the mother of all evils because if any one drinks alcohol, that person brain inhibitory center stopped to work.

Inhibitory center in the brain helps us to prevent us from doing wrongful and shameful things.

If someone drinks alcohol, his inhibitory center in the brain will not work, because of this reason. alcohol person commits all the crimes and evils.

As I Am Muslim, In Holy Quran God prohibits drinking intoxicants like alcohol. What God saying was that the Alcohol has some benefits but its harmfulness is greater than its benefts.

So it is better to avoid alcohol and live a healthy life. Alcohol consumption may leads to various types of cancer.
Liver cancer, lung cancer and many other cancer problems that affects all the organs in the body.

Ultimately it leads to unhappy and disastrous end to your life.

Alcohol brings chaos condition in the society. It brings unpeaceful condition in the society

What God Says in the Holy Quran that the satan would like to bring enemity and hatredness among members in the society with the help of alcohol and gambling.

So Alcohol even spoil oneself and even others. In the family life alcohol drinking is the main problem.

Alcohol brings split between husband and wife, father and children and mother and children. It ultimately leads to unpeaceful family life.

For just sake of few minutes false pleasure, you are losing a true happiness in a life.

God Says in the Holy Quran that human should think, then only he can differentiate between right and wrong.

Thinking power will get deterioted by alcohol, then how can you differentiate between right and wrong.
So it is upto you whether to leave alcohol or not.

At one day you can’t withdraw alcohol, but it involves multiple steps.

God knows humans very well. In Holy Quran, God not prohibiting alcohol instantly. At first God commanded that no one should drink while going for prayer.

Everyone follows this, they used to drink alcohol during non- praying times but after some time God commanded that alcohol completely prohibited.

No one should drink alcohol and completely prohibited and they can followed this because they already control their mind during prayer times.

So it is easy for them to follow and they deaddict from alcohol.

This is the example, at first lessen the intake of alcohol and complete deaddiction might be possible.
Just see the new world without alcohol.

It leads to happy, content and peaceful life

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